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25-Dec-2019 21:31

In the beginning of this month I started a new series of posts here at My Book Fetish focusing on the cat lady stereotype. Caren Gittleman is a life-long Clevelander who worked in advertising at The Plain Dealer (Ohio’s largest newspaper) for 21 and a half years.So, to end this series of posts, I asked 6 top bloggers from the pet blogosphere the following question: So, let’s hear their thoughts and experiences on the subject. This is going to sound so trite, but I believe that a “modern cat lady” is whomever she WANTS to be! Currently a professional blogger in the pet industry who also does freelance writing.

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The “Modern Cat Lady” should be changed to read “Modern Cat Person.” It is also perpetuating a stereotype to infer that only women love cats. I believe that in this day and age NO ONE should be labeled, a victim of stereotypes or pigeon-holed by strange and antiquated definitions that are NOT based on fact!Over the years, women have become more independent and career-oriented, and the definition of a modern cat lady has evolved along the same lines.

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