Dan howell and phil lester dating

08-Jul-2020 17:15

Dan: Hold my pride flag- *45 minute masterpiece later*.’ Bloom hitmaker Troye Sivan responded to tell him: ‘You’re a hero n a champ n an absolute class act.’ Meanwhile, beauty guru James Charles added: ‘So so so happy for you. this takes courage to share and you should be so so proud of yourself. In the 45-minute clip, the 28-year-old shared his struggles with identity and thoughts about his sexuality from a ‘scientific’ and a ‘literal’ perspective, and detailed how he spent countless years agonising over it in secret.

In his channel, he has more than 4 million subscribers and 459 million video views.He is even known as a host of the Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil. He is also the host for the Internet Takeover slot of the BBC Radio 1 station.Let’s find out more about his You Tube and Radio career alongside his relationships affairs.Moreover, they both appeared in Benjamin Cook’s twelve-part web series Becoming You Tube.

Following, they also gave the interview on the various topics Cook covered.

Back in 2014, Lester and Howell posted the first video on their new gaming You Tube channel, Danand Phil GAMES.