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27-May-2020 00:23

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Of course, I don’t know that this was going to happen.The guy just comes into our room, either strips or the wife strips him, gets in bed with us and starts playing with her.I have many fantasies about my wife with other men and when I am at home alone, it’s very difficult not to let my mind drift and to start thinking about all the nasty, sexy things she could be getting up to.To give you some idea, one fantasy involves us being in bed (we always sleep naked), she reading a book or doing something on her phone and me just watching You Tube videos when in comes a guy – either someone we know and we see on a regular basis or someone she has met online and invited back to our home.All she has on after she’s stripped is her sheer panties which are extremely wet from her lover(s) cum – soaked through.She asks me to touch them and I can feel how hot her pussy feels through them and how incredibly damp her panties feel.She says "I’ve had a lot of fun tonight darling, but I’m very sore.Now take that dick out from under the covers, wrap your hand around it and I’ll tell you all about it." It's getting late but I look forward to sharing more.

Sometimes they fuck, sometimes it’s just sex and sometimes its making love. The wife has gone out to see one (or maybe even two) of her bulls (unbeknownst to me) and when she comes home, there is no doubt that anyone looking at her would be able to tell that she has been thoroughly fucked.There are other factors that attract married women to the cuckold lifestyle.Some typical motivations that enable women to initiate or try this lifestyle are: For some women, being in a monogamous relationship is not easy.There are many motivating factors that attracts a woman to the cuckold lifestyle.

Less often, some women suggest introducing an alternative intimate lifestyle for the sexual variety into their marriage/relationship.

There are some areas which she isn’t so keen on which is understandable, the full cuckolding lifestyle isn’t for everyone (myself included) but we’ve been in the MMF swinging scene for about 10 years now and very happily married with a family.

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