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In addition to the Membership API’s need for more properties, it has another important limitation-by default it only works with Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory.This last issue is not mainly a limitation just because Microsoft built the Membership API upon the provider model-another provider can easily replace the model with any database implementation available.Microsoft built their Membership API upon the provider model. NET 2.0, Microsoft integrated the Membership API into the . The Membership API provides many ready-made features that you had always needed to build in ASP.NET Framework and you can access all its objects and methods from one namespace reference, System. NET 1.x and that took hundreds of lines of code to accomplish.In this article, I will extend the Membership API in a completely different way. public Extended Membership User(string Provider Name, string User Name, object Provider User Key, string Email, string Password Question, string Comment, bool Is Approved, bool Is Locked Out, Date Time Creation Date, Date Time Last Login Date, Date Time Last Activity Date, Date Time Last Password Changed Date, Date Time Last Lockout Date, string First Name, string Last Name, Date Time Date Of Birth) : base(Provider Name, User Name, Provider User Key, Email, Password Question, Comment, Is Approved, Is Locked Out, Creation Date, Last Login Date, Last Activity Date, Last Password Changed Date, Last Lockout Date) The next step is to decide what should go in the Extended Membership class, which is the provider model’s manager class that should include the static methods available to manage the custom Extended Membership User.I will show you how to wrap the current Membership API without touching it or even inheriting from it. Basically, you need to upgrade the Create User, Update, Delete, Get User, and Get All Users methods, which you will mostly use in a Web application.For example, the Membership User class, which is found in the Membership API and represents a member saved in the application’s database, contains a limited number of properties.This class does not support the First Name and Last Name properties, for example.

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You would usually end up creating your own membership API to be able to use in any application you were working on. NET 2.0 provides many new features, such as the Membership API, where you no longer need to worry about membership management in any application you develop.

NET 2.0, I highly recommend the following link: Provider Model in Depth (

pull=/library/en-us/dnaspp/html/aspnetprovmod_intro.asp)This article discusses one of the techniques that you can use to overcome this limitation and extend the Microsoft ASP.

However, this API best suits small to medium Web sites due to their limitation in expressing a detailed member record.

To have a better understanding of the provider model in ASP.

You can choose a number of ways to overcome the limitation of the Membership User properties in ASP. This article will focus mainly on extending the default database that ships with the new database-related features in ASP.

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