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The universe has magical powers, and women are BOUND to meet at least five types of men in our twenties.They aren’t all bad and each have great qualities, but it usually never works out, and somehow we end up blaming ourselves. Step out of the box and help him create his dream space.Remember home is where the heart is, and if you’d rather him live in a bland white-walled, undecorated nor themed home… Tagsarticles, austin powers, Beauty, beauty care, beauty regimen, beauty trends, Black, blogger, blogging, britney spears, casinos, color palette, cosmopolitan, Dallas, dating, dr.evil, Entertainment, Fashion, gambling, halloween, Inspiration, liberace, life, noemi, opportunities, packing for a trip, planet hollywood, relationships, sex, showgirls, sincity, Single, sins, spiderman, Style, sugar scrubs, tourist, trip planning, vacation 2014, vegas, vegas sight seeing, vegas vacation, wardrobe, weather, women For a woman in her twenties, it’s time to start racking up those frequent flyer miles, 1) because that ass in your bikini will never look better, and 2) the work you’ve been putting in work on the weekends deserve a celebration. I mean seriously think about it, to take Vegas by storm… Okay seriously, this is rule number one, don’t lean on your own understanding when planning a wardrobe.Our counterparts have done a great job snagging the scene, sprinkling cupcakes and sparkles onto the world, but now So, for all you Alpha Females, questioning why you are super single, why your friends act like door mats, or the plethora of douche bags you can’t get away from, don’t be.Our limited understanding is just the tip of the iceberg to the universe’s reasonings.

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Her numbness to relationships and yearning for relations Her guard is up with the same purpose as The Great Wall of China, for protection from mistreatment.

But don’t sit there with a bucket of cookie dough ice cream thinking you’ve done something wrong..

it might sound cliche’ but seriously it wasn’t you, it was the universe.

Okay, so there you have it, 5 types of men Women are BOUND to meet in their 20s.

I hope you can look at this and laugh your fucking ass off, because I really enjoyed writing this. Tags2015, alpha female, Alpha male, art, articles, Beauty, Beta Female, Beyonce, Black, blogging, Business, Chanel, Coco, College Grad, Confidence, Dallas, Dallas Blogger, dating, Entertainment, Face Book, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Female Writer, Feminism, feminist, Funny, Girl Boss, Girls, health, Inspiration, Instagram, knowledge, Lessons, life, Lifestyle, love, Maya Angelou, Omega, Queen Victoria, readings, relationships, single woman, single women, Texas, Trendy, women beauty, women business, women inspiration, women lifestyle, Women talk, writer, Young Adult Ah! And as a fellow member of the crew, it’s safe to say we’re John Gotti’ing our way through 2015… Girl World has 3 distinct types of women; you may wish to be another, but certainly can’t be a mix of all three.