Consolidating multiple sap instances anathema updating equipment database

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He installs SQL Server, Active Directory, Share Point and Exchange Server software within Fortune 500 organizations in the Silicon Valley.His SQL Server and Share Point specialties include high availability, security, migrations and virtualization. is an independent technical writer with more than 10 years of experience.One of the first steps in SQL Server consolidation is to identify installations running on underutilized hardware.For example, SQL Server instances and databases using less than 30% of their hardware's processor, memory and disk space are excellent candidates for consolidation.But even in situations like those, it is still common for organizations to consolidate to fewer SQL Server hosts and experience a reduction in TCO.By now, many of you are familiar with Hyper-V, Microsoft's virtualization technology that is out of the box with Windows Server 2008.

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Finally, Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM), a feature in Windows Server 2008, can be leveraged to partition and manage consolidated resources, which is a useful tool when consolidating.When the application instance and database instance do not share the same hardware resources, then the instance is known as a “Distributed System” setup.