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15-Jul-2020 00:59

If you still want it I can get it for you but it seems like its a moot point right now. Collins, I have been doubting myself again on the paternity of the baby.

I realized now that I believe my hcg levels were too high when taken to be indicative of guy number 2. term=non-invasive prenatal paternity testing&itool=Query Suggestion The key in finding reliable research information is to avoid ".com" sites and focus instead on either ".gov" or ".edu" sites.

I then thought I had my period on jan 22-25th (normal for me is 5-7 days)...could this just have been withdrawal bleeding or is it likely that this was actually my period? For 1-2 months after taking the morning after pill, your bleeding will be off and it will not be possible to be sure whether it was just withdrawal bleeding or a true period.

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All the babies grow at the same rate no matter what is going on with a few very specific exceptions.Your low caloric intake was not enough to affect the babies growth at this stage.