Colt police positive dating

19-Jun-2020 04:45

When I came out, the burgers had been stolen, but the revolver was still there.Finally, I sold it back to Phillip Peterson, who took pity on me and gave me 30 percent of what I originally paid him for it.The Offspring Judging from the frequency with which I find Police Positives on the used-gun market, Colt must have made a billion of them.Yet today, the Police Positive isn’t remembered for the gun that it was but rather for the guns it inspired.Sights were fixed and consisted of a half-moon blade front and a hog-waller groove milled into the topstrap.Early production samples had a plain topstrap, but later ones had a matte topstrap.

Colt liked to talk up the accuracy of the Police Positive and emphasized that its cylinder rotated toward the frame, unlike the revolvers of a certain Springfield, Mass., gunmaker, whose cylinders rotated away from the frame.revolver that is factory nickel plated with mother of peral grips. The 6 in barrel has an excellent bore, and all the script and markings are crisp. Click for more info John Hart - The Lone Ranger Colt Police Model Revolver Colt police revolver 1862 model .36 cal, serial #4448 was personal property of John Hart (The Lone Ranger). Click for more info Old model Colt Police Postive, .38Spl. The Colt Police Positive is the Rodney Dangerfield of revolvers. Normally, the word “Colt” is pure magic to collectors. I offered it to my brother, my son, my wife, my neighbor and my neighbor’s grandmother. It wasn’t a dog, either, but a nice 80 percent specimen from 1923.

This rule applies not only to Pythons and Diamondbacks but to real stinkeroos like the ill-fated Model 2000 All-American 9 mm semiauto, too. I have seen buyers at gun shows pass over cherry Police Positives to fondle things like H&R Model 929s, Iver Johnson Cadets and High Standard Sentinels. I had taken a nicer one in trade and decided to pass the old one on to someone who would appreciate it.Built on the Colt .32 double-action frame introduced in 1893, the classic Police Positive was chambered in .32 or .38 Colt New Police (and their S&W counterparts, of course) and could be had with a 21/2-, 4-, 5- or 6-inch barrel.