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This article provides the publication of three Neo-Sumerian tablets from Umma; an inscription from the king Sîn-kašid and one tablet dating from the reign of Nabû- kudurrī-uṣur (Nebuchadnezzar) II. This book aims to clarify the way that the Puzriš-Dagan organization functioned and was operated, by providing a comprehensive study of its organization, ad- ministrative practices and the written documentation dating to the reign of Amar-Suen, the third king of the Third Dynasty of Ur.

Before the famous Silk Road,there has been the maritime trade route between Mesopotamia and Indus via the Persian Gulf. This study depends on the most abundant textual data hitherto (approximately 6,000 administrative docu- ments written in Sumerian), which constitute a promising source for Assyri- ological studies regarding the understanding of the political, socio-economic, and religious history of the ancient Near East.

This article provides an edition of three bricks with inscriptions of Nebuchadnezzar, a fragment of a bull colossus from Sennacherib's reign, and one Neo-Sumerian text from Drehem. ,the toponym Meluhha,referred to as a coastal area of Indus,was repeatedly mentioned in the cuneiform documents of ancient Mesopotamia,which may indicate the prosperity of maritime trade along Mesopotarnia and Indus.

The five unpublished cuneiform texts presented in this study are currently housed in the collection of the Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. On the basis of the evidence from the cuneiform texts concerning thetoponym Meluhha,this paper aims to discuss the maritime trade and cultural exchange between Mesopotamia and Indus.

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The personal name Kiššer is exclusively attested in the administrative documents from Puzriš-Dagan (modern Drehem) dating to the Ur III period (Liu 2017).Amarianna is available right now for outcalls and car dates.