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20-Jun-2020 23:33

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Not knowing the answer to that question now increases your chances of having to make a split decision later; which means that instead of taking your time to think about what’s in your best interest you’re rushing to make decisions with the heat of the moment working against you.

And chances are the decision you make will be influenced by all the wrong factors. I’ve known women who have stood on the extreme of either side of this question.

While she probably loved the thought of me being “a little girl” again, it had to have hurt her legs and back! In fact, he often bends forward slightly to give me a hint… When he is going through a hard time, he likes to lie on the bed and talk to me while I massage his tired back and neck. Hugs give physical touch people an added sense of security.

~ frown~ When Dad was watching TV, I’d crawl up on the bed behind him so I could snuggle up to him. Recently, I have discovered that I can lie beside him and watch an entire movie without touching him – as long as he is there with me. and if I do not take the hint, he nudges me and smiles. If he does not get enough physical touch, he can start feeling irritable and alone. In the midst of difficult circumstances, hugs show that you are there for your loved one, they are a source of deep comfort, and I think they release endorphins into the brain.

In other homes, physical touch was used only as a negative (e.g., physical or sexual abuse), thus negative emotions are tied to physical touch. D., director of the University of Miami Medical School’s Touch Research Institute. Field says other studies have found that a hug from a friend or a professional massage can also help banish tension.

(Side note: if you have been victimized physically or sexually, we strongly recommend that you see an experienced Bible-based counselor before (or after) getting married to work through those issues.) Though everyone is different in the types of touch they prefer, hugs are typically the end all be all to those who speak “touch-ese.” Do you remember how often the family in the television show Full House hugged each other? Sacrificially giving hugs to your sweetheart is not only good for him or her, but can also help you calm down and beat stress.

Dive into your Bible, pray about it, and hear what God speaks to you on the topic. Today I’d love to hear from the women who have “been there.” If you could give younger you any piece of advice when it comes to dating and physical touch/affection what would it be?

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In some homes, physical touch did not happen very much, so it can be awkward and unnatural. Consider the following quote from Wed MD: “‘The gentle pressure of a hug can stimulate nerve endings under the skin that send calming messages to the brain and slow the release of cortisol,” explains Tiffany Field, Ph.

In the hallways at school, in the workplace, and on dates; sometimes even the first date.