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13-Aug-2020 01:19

Why decrease the number of times you get to celebrate in a year? I'd always made it a point of dating people exclusively, and even if I hadn't, the fact that it usually took me months to get up the courage to ask someone out would have enforced it for me.

I probably would have agreed to any date that my girlfriend had suggested, but after we'd been together long enough that it was obvious even to us that we'd eventually be married, I did make one stipulation: We picked an arbitrary date in late January and celebrate that.

He didn't want to have to remember two different dates, even though I told him I don't even care to remember the day we got married and would rather just keep using our same anniversary date.

First kiss would've been fine, but that was New Year's Eve, and keeping our anniversary separate of other holidays was important to me.If you don't have a hard-and-fast date for this already, why set one? It would have been the day of our first kiss, ten days later, but we met on Friday the 13th and that date is just too awesome to pass up.