Bsd updating repository catalogue

07-Oct-2019 16:28

With 60 GB in disk size and 2GB memory allocated to this virtual machine I’ll try PHP 7. DHCP for sure 🙂 Reboot it and change boot order to get start with next steps : Login via ssh The authenticity of host ‘[]:2222 ([]:2222)’ can’t be established. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (132747/132747), done. Receiving objects: 99% (622842/624731), 154.49 Mi B | 156.00 Ki B/s remote: Total 624731 (delta 499933), reused 614596 (delta 490658) Receiving objects: 100% (624731/624731), 154.80 Mi B | 113.00 Ki B/s, done.

ECDSA key fingerprint is bd:e0:2a:f:8d:5a:cd:2a::6a:f:ce. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? — Dru # Device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass# /dev/serno/VBb247cd88-d6dc6e95.s1a /boot ufs rw 1 1 /dev/serno/VBb247cd88-d6dc6e95.s1b none swap sw 0 0 /dev/serno/VBb247cd88-d6dc6e95.s1d / hammer rw 1 1 /pfs/var /var null rw 0 0 /pfs/tmp /tmp null rw 0 0 /pfs/usr /usr null rw 0 0 /pfs/home /home null rw 0 0 /pfs//usr/obj null rw 0 0 /pfs/var.crash /var/crash null rw 0 0 /pfs//var/tmp null rw 0 0 proc /proc procfs rw 0 0 Well. Fetching meta.txz: 100% 264 B 0.3k B/s Fetching packagesite.txz: 100% 4 Mi B 138.8k B/s Processing entries: 100% Avalon repository update completed.

Installed packages can be upgraded to their latest versions by typing pkg upgrade.

This command will compare the installed versions with those available in the repository catalogue.

yes Warning: Permanently added ‘[]:2222’ (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts. Ups, I forgot to configure ssh server first after as post installation step in Dragon Fly BSD. Everything is on the right place 🙂 Lets get start install PHP 7 on Dragon Fly BSD : Updating Avalon repository catalogue…

These tools can be used to install third-party software from both binary packages and the Ports Collection, while pkgng installs only binary packages.For example, to see which version of pkgng is installed, run: Updating repository catalogue /usr/local/tmp/All/curl-7.31.0_1100% of 1181 k B 1380 k Bps 00m01s /usr/local/tmp/All/ca_root_nss-3.15.1_1100% of 288 k B 1700 k Bps 00m00s Updating repository catalogue The following 2 packages will be installed: The installation will require 3 MB more space 0 B to be downloaded Proceed with installing packages [y/N]: y Checking integrity... If a local ports tree does not exist, pkg-version(8) will use the remote repository catalogue.Otherwise, the local ports tree will be used to identify package versions.To remove these outdated binary packages, run: 5.4.9.

bsd updating repository catalogue-83

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Modifying Package Metadata Software within the Free BSD Ports Collection can undergo major version number changes.Usage information for pkgng is available in pkg(8) or by running pkg without additional arguments.

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