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It is revealed that Machin was listening from behind the wall, but he has been discovered by an employee, causing the commotion.The judges, unimpressed by her wooden performance, do not want to give her a chance to start again. After the performance, Artus and Charlotte realise the other's identities and are immediately attracted to one another. Angered by his continued negativity, Machine head-butts him.Machine is furious and decides that their relationship cannot continue. Machin leaves the apartment and talks to Artus about his feelings for her.Artus encourages him to see her in person and suggests that he go to her audition to support her.As a teacher, Evguenie is harsh and critical, encouraging poise and technical perfection over emotion.She returns to her flat the next day and realises that the noises are caused by her neighbour — a quiet and reclusive man (Clovis Cornillac), who barely ventures outside and whose only friend is the slovenly, kind Artus (Philippe Duquesne).He explains that the wall separating their apartments is hollow and that any noise made in either place can be heard.

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To her surprise, Machin knocks through the wall to her apartment, and they finally see each other for the first time.

It's funny to be obnoxious or out of control, but then it's like, ' I think I hurt that person's feelings,' ' I made a fool of myself' or ' I didn't want to kiss that girl.’ "I went to rehab for being 29 and partying too much and not having a lot of boundaries and to clear my head and try to get some idea of who I wanted to be.

It was more a 'let me get myself straight,' before it became a rite of passage."But his split from Jennifer in June 2015 has had a disastrous affect on his sobriety and also his career.

Blind Date (French title: Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément) is a 2015 French romantic comedy film directed by and starring Clovis Cornillac.

The film also stars Mélanie Bernier, Lilou Fogli and Philippe Duquesne.He didn’t work in 2017 and stepped down as director and writer of The Batman citing an unmanageable workload.