Arab men and dating

27-Apr-2020 05:01

A new survey by the UN and Promundo, an advocacy group, examines Arab men’s views on male-female relations.(One of the authors, Shereen El Feki, used to write for So far, so predictable.In conservative countries, such as Saudi Arabia, this is official policy.But the attitude persists even in relatively liberal parts of the Arab world, such as Morocco, where 77% of men believe it is their duty to exercise guardianship over female relatives (see chart).Far from relaxing their patriarchal attitudes, Arab men are clinging to them.In every country except Lebanon, younger men’s views on gender roles do not differ substantially from those of older men.“We don’t have a Justin Trudeau in the Arab region yet,” says Dr El Feki, referring to Canada’s hunky feminist prime minister.

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In other words, male chauvinism may be fuelled by a sense of weakness, not strength.In countries across the region, men are legally allowed to marry anyone outside of their religion.