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And under this government theory—you know, in the past, we’ve had international treaties, right? It’s morning shade, and then the sun—you know, it’s like 100 degrees on the cement. So there were groups bringing diapers and water bottles and umbrellas and electric fans, and now everyone’s freaked out because they’re gone! But I’m just saying, in my experience, all those kids and all the parents’ stories were five and up.

Statutes which codified the right of asylum seekers to ask for asylum. Article 31 of the Refugee Convention clearly says that it is improper for any state to use criminal laws that could deter asylum seekers as long as that asylum seeker is asking for asylum within a reasonable amount of time. TM: Can you talk about how you’ve seen the process change over the past few months?

And we may see more parents that get out of jail because they pass a “credible fear” interview, which is the screening done by the asylum office to see who should be deported quickly, within days or weeks of arrival, and who should stay here and have an opportunity to present their asylum case before an immigration judge of the Department of Justice.

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Texas Monthly: First, can you give us an overview of your organization?

One was called “border security and immigration enforcement.” And a lot of the principles underlying zero tolerance are found here. TM: And the policy of separating kids from parents went into effect when?

AC: They would articulate it in various ways with different officials, but as immigration attorneys, starting in October, were like, “Oh my goodness. Judging from the mothers and fathers I’ve spoken to and those my staff has spoken to, there are several different processes.

To date, most of our work with that issue of family separation has been working with the parents in the days when they are being separated: when they’re in the federal courthouse being convicted; partnering with the federal public defenders; and then in the adult detention center, as they have no idea how to communicate or speak to their children or get them back before being deported.

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TM: Can you take me through what you’ve been seeing?For all asylum seekers, you are going to be put in jail, in a detention center, and you’re going to have your children taken away from you. They’re not 100 percent able to implement that because of a lot of reasons, including just having enough judges on the border. There’s a big logistical problem because this is a new policy.

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