Android apps change automatic updating

01-Dec-2019 16:36

Sticking to an older version might seem harmful but apps like Facebook, which rely on online services and don’t have offline functionality, can work even when a newer iteration is out.Also, this feature leaves it up to the user as to when he/she wants to upgrade rather than completely removing update functionality.By default, Android phones are set to download updates automatically over Wi Fi.This setting is recommended so that you get the best possible app experience.Step 4 – When the Facebook application is opened in Google Play Store, tap on the three-dot menu which is on the top right corner to open the option menu.

Further, UI tweaking is what has been a concern for many Facebook users.

However, in some scenarios, users don’t want to instantly update unless its a major functionality change.

Here is how you can immediately stop auto-updates for popular Facebook app.

This is fixed in Marshmallow were the EXTERNALSD can be configured to be an Internal Storage(SDCard).

So you can wait for an Marshmallow update for the device. It is a new (and very irritating) phenomenon with Lollipop.You have now learned to disable the auto-updates of Facebook application.