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21-Sep-2019 07:34

Now the deal is about 5 yrs ago I had Cox install their digital product. Well all in all the guy who installed it for us put a code using the faceplate buttons on the box and voila we had almost everything except for pay per view.He also told us that if we did not order PPV we would retain everything....we did for like 3 years until we moved.Shame on you - go get a life - and stop this post for heaven's sake...(even though I added to it)as for those of you who steal analog cable either by sneaking out in the middle of the night to the box or pole (which, by the way you do in an effort to not get caught STEALING because you know it's WRONG) or those of you who take advantage of an oversight by the tech who forgot to trap out the video, Your game will be over soon because over the next few years there will be less and less analog service, and by 2009 it will be all digital and reqire an STB to get anything.Here in my area we have already started phasing out analog cable a couple channels at a time and will keep doing so until there is no more, and you are SOL. Especially when there are only a few select channels that I like to watch...The tv channels are trapped out so you cant watch them since you dont pay for them." NOT TRUE... THE SIGNAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME, NEVER TRAPPED. UNLESS I JUST LIKE TO SPEND MONEY FOR THINGS I DIDNT ASK FOR."PEOPLE SEND ME THINGS OR "SIGNALS" WITHOUT ASKING ME, WHY WOULD I PAY FOR THEN IF THEY ARE ALREADY THERE FOR ME TO USE?I HAD THE SIGNAL RUNNING TO IT EVER SINCE I MOVED IN. TELL YA WHAT, I' LL SEND YOU A NEW MERCEDES WITH NO CONTRACT INVOLVED AND I WILL EXPECT YOU TO PAY ME FOR IT. " So, you're PAYING for the video signal and not using it? yes Are there idiots out there with a degree in engineering? Is Scooby an uptight, foul mouthed, defensive, self absorbed pr!So until the "raping" stops, "hack" away, my fellow "rapees"! that's the way the Doc explained it to me OK, this is what pisses me off, i have Comcast and subscribe to Digital Plus , HBO, and Starz, I have a moto 3412 DVR. Ok, for this i pay a little over 0.00 a month, that is a little high, but they have to maintain and upgrade their eqipment and lines, pay for labor, and other stuff. Especially when there are only a few select channels that I like to watch... Im just going to drive it around and listen to the radio? I guess Ill just have to steal it..." Really, get a net flix account or get some OTA's. Well, the stealing comes in where you are not paying for cable video, just the HSD The only reason there is a cable signal going to your house is so the modem can connect to the headend.not to mention they have to pay for the right to re-transmit the programming and networks they get off C-Band. then along come people that steal cable, ok so the cable company has to find a way to stop it, then the theif gets around it, this has gone on and on for years, snd the extra operating cost and lost revenue gets passed onto those of us who pay for our cable honestly. I sure as hell am not paying for all 100 something channels just so I can have the 5 that I like. The tv channels are trapped out so you cant watch them since you dont pay for them.

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If any one can get the code plz post it may still work for some boxes.

Or you're paying for the HSD signal and assume that entitles you to the video signal as well? Well, at least I can sleep at night knowing no one's ever going to come knocking on my door in the middle of the night. What is always funny is the flawed logic in people that knowingly take, use or steal what is not theres. If there is video signal coming through the line because the tech didnt trap it out, which he should, then you actively took the line and plugged it into your tv knowing it is not a service that you are paying for. There is a slight grey area there because if you couldnt care less and see no moral issue with it then even if they came to your home and put the trap in your housebox there is a good chance you would go out there, see the trap and take it off yourself and continue to steal the service. yes Are there people out there that claim to know a lot more than they do? ck who seems to infer something is being said against him?

And whether you want to believe it or not, it's just a matter of time before they catch on. I see your point and get what you are saying but they didnt come in, install your HSI then hook up your tvs as well. Shame on the tech for not trapping out the video, shame on you for having no morals or values, then coming here to brag about it and defend it. we brought morals and values into a conversation about stealing cable.. Especially when there are only a few select channels that I like to watch... yes Most people with knowledge either state the facts or are quiet - they don't spout off about how much they know or argue with someone in a thrread such as this. yes Are there people out there getting cable that they aren't paying for by no fault of their own? IMO - no Are people on this site going to band together and form a group to pool their skills in order to "Stick it to the cable companies" - no considering a lot of the posts within this thread came from people that are employed by the cable companies.

quit arguing and just realize that the whole issue here is the fact that the cable companies are "raping" the customers with outragious over charging and expect them to just take it keep quiet.

I don't know about you, but do you really expect everyone to keep their mouths shut after being "raped"? lower prices = no more raping, which in turn means happier customers and less "hacking". The friggin cable is already plugged in for me since I have high speed internet, so I am confused about the part where "stealing" comes in.At first I thought it was included with the apartment building I am in, but one day, it has turned off.