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Most folks don't know it, but you can update the software in both your Garmin Alpha Handheld and your TT Collar to the most current version by logging onto Garmin's website. Connection instability from dial-up, mobile, Wi Fi, or satellite connections could leave your handheld unusable.Before you begin, you will need to go to Garmin's website and download their "Web Updater" software.One of the things that changes on a pretty regular basis is the Alpha Software.The Garmin engineers make improvements in the software all the time.Once you have installed the software on your computer, updating the Alpha 100 Handheld and TT Collar is pretty easy.

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John Mc Donnell (main) outlined the party's incendiary plans to 'tackle the burgeoning buy-to-let market' in a bombshell interview last night.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MAC USERS: Do not update your handheld or collars using the Mac version of Web Updater as it will corrupt the software and make your devices unusable.